Sunday, December 31, 2006
Xi'an: Terracotta Warriors - 兵马俑

We only wanted some drinking water said the farmer as he continued to poke at a clay statue of what would be one of the largest archaeological finds in human history. Constructed in 221BC by the Emperor Qin Shihuang, the vault contains over 7000 life-size warriors and horses in battle formation. The underground empire guarded by his terracotta army crumbled with age and pilfering--the weapons are all mostly stolen and each warrior is a big huge jigsaw puzzle. Each warrior is unique up to the face and takes approximately one year to reconstruct. Most of the site is still being excavated while the emperor's tomb has yet to be opened. There is a total of three vaults of which the first one is the most widely seen on postcards/TV/newspapers.

The first vault and the largest.
Right: why are those guys facing the wall? hmm...

Third vault. Nothing much except for a pile of rubble; it will take them years to crazy glue those guys together. However, on display are a few well preserved specimens, including Qin-era weaponry.

Right: Second vault. Small vault but houses a well preserved chariot.
Left: Replica displays of a typical chariot during the Qin Dynasty.

Terracotta Warriors are everywhere. Terracotta cigarettes and a Terracotta statue standing guard at the McD's. I should have bought one to guard my house.


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