Sunday, January 07, 2007
Pan Gate (盘门景区), Suzhou

One cold January day, some of my classmates and I went over to Pan Gate for some sightseeing. From left to right: Li ZhengTai, Piao ZhiYing, Song Jung Ai...
Great crew.
Pan Gate is an ancient water-land defense system south of the city. The large park offers many gates, Pagodas, waterways, and park land. However, temperatures below zero which hardly occurs in Suzhou put a damper on things.

We had a crack at the bow and arrow. As a wannabe archer, I did horrible with these shoddy bows--these bows were not meant to defend Suzhou, I'll tell you that!

Group pictures...ho.

You haven't been to China if you didn't take their public buses. These things feel like they'll fall apart anytime, rattling to the next stop. Full manual, the drivers turn off the engine as they approach a red light to save fuel. There are no lights inside the bus and most do not have A/C (we talking about 40C in the summers!) During the day, the bus is packed. Having been delayed due to long distance buses breaking down, I have yet to enjoy a similar scenario with their local buses. However, buses in the large cities are newer with more amenities and as the rest of the country gets wealthier, newer and newer buses will be introduced. Until then, hold on tight!


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