Sunday, December 31, 2006
Macau - 澳门

October 31.
The Las Vegas of Asia. There are more casinos in Macau than there are 7-11's--every corner, ever street you will find some sort of machine to donate to the local triad (governments included.) The city has turned into an entertainment resort sporting everything and anything, including F1 races, go cart races, extreme adventures, gambling (of course)--basically anything you want to do whether it be relaxing or it involving adrenaline. Macau has definitely done a excellent job at attracting tourists.
Above: The Ruins of St Paul's. Burnt down in 1595, 1601 and again in 1835, only the front facade stands today. (Anything to do with the city's offerings?)

Portuguese-style egg tarts. I must have ate six or more of these babies in one sitting--I could have ate more easily...easily.
The Macau Tower at night. Some of the things one can do: can climb the mast, bungy jump, sky walk around its outer perimeter, and of course gamble.
 I came out ahead in the end but I'm not a big gambler.

The old city or the shopping district. Awarded the third most beautiful city districts of China by the Chinese National Geographic.

Chinese without firecrackers? We decided to buy a strip for good luck.


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