Saturday, December 30, 2006
Hong Kong, again.
October 29th. Back to Hong Kong to attend my cousin's wedding and to act as tourguide/translator for (another) cousin's American husband. If you never experienced Chinese wedding rituals before, you will find it a treat--although I have seen it many times on TV, it was my first time participating in one. To make a long story short (cuz I'm lazy)...In the morning the groom and co picks up the bride; however, it isn't as easy as knocking on the door. The bridesmaid and co try their hardest to prevent you from picking her up. Usually it involves large sums of money and services--kind of like bargaining for that fake LV bag in Shanghai:P I don't know how much my cousin had to shell out but I do know we had to wear a bra (haha, no pictures there:P) and parade around the block; drink their special cocktail which made me feel sick for a couple of hours; and eat their specially prepared buns. After what felt like hours of bargaining, we finally got in to see the bride and shortly afterwards, the tea ceremony. The reception is of a typical banquet; however, there were less games than I was accustomed to with other receptions.

Tian Tan Buddha (天壇大佛). The world's tallest seated bronze Buddha in the world sits on top of the hill in Lantau Island.

The Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens. Everytime I visit Hong Kong, I come here to visit the cranes and the flowers. It is also a nice place to relax and to get away from the HK ruckus.

Fresh seafood just fished in. Choose what you like and they'll pack it for you. No need to explain how tasty it was.

Monkeys in Kam Shan Country Park . Beware, these hissing little critters will gang up and attack you for your food, no kidding. Right: Temple of 10000 Buddha's--continuously being watched by Buddha as you climb the 431 steps to the peak for a glass of soya milk.


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