Thursday, January 18, 2007
88 Suzhou

I won't go into how much I miss the friends I met while I was in China. I hope to see everyone again, one day, somewhere.
Left: Victor. He was my first Chinese friend. Very friendly and quiet. He was my first impression of Chinese and I'm so glad I was lucky enough to meet him.
Right: Amy, Nana, Vivian. Three close girls who I always joked around with. They helped me a lot with my Chinese. We went to Xi'an together and had a blast. Amy made a huge difference as I hung out with her a lot and we talked a lot of shit. Nana was a joker, funny and never a dull moment with her. Vivian is very caring, someone who's real and with a very kind soul.

Left: Jacky. He is very outgoing and talkative. He was a great friend who taught me Chinese culture and politics. We always had a constructive exchange on world issues, cars and what not. I will definitely meet him again because he will be in San Francisco later this year.
Right: Jin Du Kun. He was the guy I hung out with the most....wish he was here in TO. What a guy...

Left (bottom): Song JungAi - Korean girl I met outside my dormitory. A little jumpy at times but a sweet sweet and funny girl. Funny.
Alicia - From Indonesia, she was sometimes hyper but always funny and fun to be with. She'll turn your cloudy day to a sunny day.
Inge - Also from Indonesia, she was the more serious type but always there to enjoy the good times with us.

Right: Miyuki, Me, Sophia.
Miyuki - Always wondering and complaining about her boyfriend. We always make time to bond on life issues and such.
Sophia - Korean housewife/interior decorator. We always meet at Starbucks for coffee and just I would try to teach her English.

Left: Piao Zhi Ying, Li Zheng Tai.
Piao Xiaojie - Basically my little sister. Funny kid and always picking on her boyfriend, Li Zheng Tai. Always funny but poor Li.
Li Zheng Tai - My class rep. He was like the hyper active kid on the block. Love bikes. Drinking. Watched DVDs. We did so much together.

Right: Ralph. German from South Africa. Cool guy. Cool stories. Funny guy. Always wandering around my dormitory for some reason;)

From left to right:
Carlos - From the Philippines. A friend that will be there for you, period.
Sayaka - From Fukuoka, Japan. COoooool person. She helped me pick my girlfriend's present.
Ken - Something against a certain Taiwan president. Funny strange. Always something witty to say.

I may have missed a few so sorry to those I missed.
Everybody I met in China has taught me something about life. These are the life experiences that I wanted to learn but at a cost: I am now departed and I miss them very much. The times we had together were amazing. No words can describe my joy.

However, we will meet again. That is for certain!


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