Thursday, January 18, 2007
88 Suzhou

I won't go into how much I miss the friends I met while I was in China. I hope to see everyone again, one day, somewhere.
Left: Victor. He was my first Chinese friend. Very friendly and quiet. He was my first impression of Chinese and I'm so glad I was lucky enough to meet him.
Right: Amy, Nana, Vivian. Three close girls who I always joked around with. They helped me a lot with my Chinese. We went to Xi'an together and had a blast. Amy made a huge difference as I hung out with her a lot and we talked a lot of shit. Nana was a joker, funny and never a dull moment with her. Vivian is very caring, someone who's real and with a very kind soul.

Left: Jacky. He is very outgoing and talkative. He was a great friend who taught me Chinese culture and politics. We always had a constructive exchange on world issues, cars and what not. I will definitely meet him again because he will be in San Francisco later this year.
Right: Jin Du Kun. He was the guy I hung out with the most....wish he was here in TO. What a guy...

Left (bottom): Song JungAi - Korean girl I met outside my dormitory. A little jumpy at times but a sweet sweet and funny girl. Funny.
Alicia - From Indonesia, she was sometimes hyper but always funny and fun to be with. She'll turn your cloudy day to a sunny day.
Inge - Also from Indonesia, she was the more serious type but always there to enjoy the good times with us.

Right: Miyuki, Me, Sophia.
Miyuki - Always wondering and complaining about her boyfriend. We always make time to bond on life issues and such.
Sophia - Korean housewife/interior decorator. We always meet at Starbucks for coffee and just I would try to teach her English.

Left: Piao Zhi Ying, Li Zheng Tai.
Piao Xiaojie - Basically my little sister. Funny kid and always picking on her boyfriend, Li Zheng Tai. Always funny but poor Li.
Li Zheng Tai - My class rep. He was like the hyper active kid on the block. Love bikes. Drinking. Watched DVDs. We did so much together.

Right: Ralph. German from South Africa. Cool guy. Cool stories. Funny guy. Always wandering around my dormitory for some reason;)

From left to right:
Carlos - From the Philippines. A friend that will be there for you, period.
Sayaka - From Fukuoka, Japan. COoooool person. She helped me pick my girlfriend's present.
Ken - Something against a certain Taiwan president. Funny strange. Always something witty to say.

I may have missed a few so sorry to those I missed.
Everybody I met in China has taught me something about life. These are the life experiences that I wanted to learn but at a cost: I am now departed and I miss them very much. The times we had together were amazing. No words can describe my joy.

However, we will meet again. That is for certain!


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Sunday, January 07, 2007
Pan Gate (盘门景区), Suzhou

One cold January day, some of my classmates and I went over to Pan Gate for some sightseeing. From left to right: Li ZhengTai, Piao ZhiYing, Song Jung Ai...
Great crew.
Pan Gate is an ancient water-land defense system south of the city. The large park offers many gates, Pagodas, waterways, and park land. However, temperatures below zero which hardly occurs in Suzhou put a damper on things.

We had a crack at the bow and arrow. As a wannabe archer, I did horrible with these shoddy bows--these bows were not meant to defend Suzhou, I'll tell you that!

Group pictures...ho.

You haven't been to China if you didn't take their public buses. These things feel like they'll fall apart anytime, rattling to the next stop. Full manual, the drivers turn off the engine as they approach a red light to save fuel. There are no lights inside the bus and most do not have A/C (we talking about 40C in the summers!) During the day, the bus is packed. Having been delayed due to long distance buses breaking down, I have yet to enjoy a similar scenario with their local buses. However, buses in the large cities are newer with more amenities and as the rest of the country gets wealthier, newer and newer buses will be introduced. Until then, hold on tight!


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