Saturday, April 22, 2006
Happy Earth Day - 世界地球日
今天是世界地球日担是一般的中国人没知道这个桔。我觉得中国的环境肥常差。 一般的中国人不关心环境, 他们只关心钱 和发展。环境保护非常重要因为一个差的环境对我们和别的生物不好。(不会写汉子。。。)
如果你想帮的环境, 有很多方法比如不要即齐东西 和作志愿者。 要中国的环境消息。


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Scooby snacks...
今天我和朋友去一家有名的饭店吃狗肉。狗肉非常好吃! 肉質很嫩 和在你口中溶化掉。 听说狗肉对身体很好--我不知道。 我很推介狗肉!

Today I tried for the frist time, dog meat. It was delicious, man! The meat was so tender and it just like melted in your mouth, eh! They say it is suppose to be good for your health. I totally recommend it to anybody who would like to venture beyond the cow.
Yes, I know what you are thinking of but to me, it is no different than any other meats. In my opinion, if you a meat eater you have no grounds to criticize me. If you are a vegetarian, then I surely understand your stance and will respect your choice.


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Sunday, April 09, 2006
Humble Administrator's Garden (拙政园)
Yet another garden. Bored Yet?

上个星期天我和同学去了拙政园。 拙政园是苏州最大的园我想也许是苏州游客最多的地方。 这个园林非常漂亮但是我觉得门票太贵了!还有太多人。我看到很多头颠。。。的项票就有头。但是花很都和很多种所以没关系。 有时候我们座很长时间看看的外国人--很有意思。。。哈哈哈。

Like most of Suzhou popular gardens, there are many many visitors. Humble, being the most popular in Suzhou, was exceptionally bad because the weather was beautiful and we went on a Sunday--I saw lots of heads:( Nevertheless, the garden was very pretty and astounding. Chinese buildings love the circular entrances. I forget the significance.

For the most part, China is cheap to visit--the food and transportation is cheap and general living expenses are low. However, being a tourist, you will have to pay your dues. Many attractions are expensive--when coverted, it equates to approximately Western standards.

And while I'm on the cost subject (which I will probably say more in my later entries), I have a bone to pick with many of the Western leaders. They are always complaining about low wages here and how people *have* to live off $2us per day. Umm...don't they know anything about the standard of living? They can't compare between apples and oranges. I live off $2cdn per day here. Sometimes more just because I like to have "fancy" food once in awhile since I can afford it. Remember, a orange here will roughly cost, $0.10--how much is it in the West? True, many people here live in "poverty" but so do many in the States and other "Rich" Western nations. And true, many many citizens are poor but there are also many who are rich. Just give it time. Meanwhile, don't let Western leaders give the impression that everybody in developing nations are living off the streets. It is not.


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Saturday, April 08, 2006
Tong Li (同里)
Been awhile since I updated the page. I was busy studying...yah...haha.
Anyway, three weeks ago the Chinese club offered an outing to Tong Li which is like 45 minutes South of the school. Tong Li is another one of those historical cities/towns. The ancient city is one of the cities declared the "Venice of the East" (the other city being Zhouzhuang (周庄) which is very nearby as well) because of the watery passages that run through them.

The main gate to the village. It costs 80Yuan for admission but it includes all the gardens and such. Since we joined a tour, it was much cheaper--65Y which included the bus ride and a tourguide who I couldn't understand very well. As you can see there are many many tourists. Packed. The summer will be worse as more people will be travelling. There are just way too many people in China. One time there were four tour groups packed into a foray, each with their own loudspeaker. Along with the 100 or so people, you can imagine the noise.

Tuisi Garden (退思园), one of the many gardens in the village. We love our manicure gardens, ponds, and goldfish/Koi.

The picture to the right is 长庆桥, one of the three most famous bridges in Tong Li: Taiping Bridge (太平桥), Jili Bridge (吉利桥), and Changqing Bridge (长庆桥). Crossing all three (过三桥)in a row is considered good luck.


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