Sunday, March 12, 2006
Tim Hortons' 咖啡
今天我在桂花公园散步...公园很漂亮但是今天很冷所以不多人. 最近天气糟透乐...很都雨也很冷. 我希望下个周末天气好了. 写汉语很慢和很难!

I'm trying to write Hanzi so don't complain. It is my first time time writing something longer than four characters. I know at least one person who's gonna laugh...I'll get you back when I see you in Xianggang later this year;)

Anyhoo, nothing new because the weather this weekend was pretty crappy--cold and lots of rain. It cleared up a bit today so I took the chance to visit Guihua Park. It is located at the South
corner by the moat. What remains of the parapet is either newly renovated or it IS new--not sure about that. On top of the parapet is another example of Chinese architecture.

A bamboo grove leading to the washroom. I thought it would lead to a little adventure...silly me.

I've been visiting this mega supermarket called Auchan lately for my goods. It is a copy of a wallymart or a Carrefour that sells everything from cheese to DVD players, from alcohol to underwear. I go there to pick up my junk food:D It is super busy like your typical wallymart on the weekends.


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Saturday, March 04, 2006
Craving for some bacon'n eggs.
Week one. I've improved my putonghua a bit but still not enough to communicate effectively; however, I am trying a bit. I met some Japanese students, a Filipino-Chinese who is on the same boat as I, a Korean and some Chinese students when I attended their Chinese club. My roommate finally arrived today. He's a old manager at Hyundai who's working here in China. I'm slowly getting settled in here but I need to get out.

Today, I took a stroll around the moat. The inner city is surrounded by a moat (pictures below.) Some of the old city walls are also intact. I wanted to take a walk through the park that circles around the wall but it was closed to the public for some reason. However, I found anouther nice pathway around the exterior. It was a nice quiet place There are lots of development going on, and one can see them continously trying to beautify the city. The walkways and parks looks new or refurbished but ends abruptly at wasteland. I have yet to enter any of the temples saving them for spring--hoping it will be more green and colourful with flowers by then.

The university is big. I am not sure if it is bigger than UofT but it can surely compare. I've included some pictures of my university. The big tower is usually lighted during the nights. I really do not know what faculty the tower belongs to but I figure it is like a symbol of pride to the university. The night bridge picture is not so good because I missed the water but it is part of the moat close to the university. My campus is outside the moat so if the Mongols attack, I will have to swim the moat. The room is spacious and enough for me--better than I expected. I usually eat noodles at night because it is easy to get at the stall close to my dormitory and it is cheap. At the stall, they give you a basket and you choose the ingredients you want in it--the cost reflects how many ingredients you have and what you choose. Dinner usually cost me anywhere from 3 to 5 Yuan, which translate to roughly 44 to 75 cents cdn. It is not the best but tastely enough. Once in awhile I will head over to a restaurant for something better.

Gotta go study these darn initials, finals and tones...and find a place that will server bacon'n eggs, sunny-side up.


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More on Kyoto
I figure some people would like to see more pictures of my trip in Kyoto so I have included some more pictures. Shrines are everywhere, everywhere you look you have a big chance of seeing a shrine, including one that tries to meld with the shopping outlets (shown below.) There were many mini-shrines embedded into new structures--I figure it would be disrepectful if during development, they were removed. We went to one massive temple that was made of all wood. Massive logs. The lanterns have names of business establishments written so to give good luck to.

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