Saturday, February 25, 2006
Lost in transalation in Suzhou
Lost. Confused. The first day was a feeling of helplessness but heading into my third day, I feel much more relaxed and settled. At least I am not starving to death...yet. So far I have been fortunate that nothing bad has happened to me yet...knock on wood. Anyway, the city is pretty with rivers meandering through the city. Although the water looks very polluted, it does not smell like a sewer:D I see people wash their clothes in it and one dude fishing in it. I can't imagine fish living in the rivers. Nevertheless, the city is relatively clean and the traditonal Chinese architecture can been seen in both new and old buildings. The school is big and the rooms in my residence is newly furnished--probably because us foreigner pay big bucks to be here compared to the locals. Soochow University was very helpful in getting me prepared especially since I can't speak a word of Putonghua.

The city is relatively small compared to the other Chinese cities--it is really a suburb of Shanghai being only one hour away from the massive metropolis. As with any Chinese city cars have the right of way, next are bicycles and then pedestrians. Whenever and wherever I walk, I have to make sure that there are no vechicles aiming for me. I'm getting better at crossing the streets now.

So far I have yet to succumb to fastfood or Western foods...yet. I just point at what I want and they gladly give it to me. Most of the people here are usually kind so I think it was a good idea that I came here instead of a bigger city. However, having said that, there are definitely weasels out there.

Class starts on Monday so hopefully I can learn some Putonghua and meet some friends. Until then.


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A day in Osaka
The second largest city in Japan--quite different from the smaller counterpart of Kyoto. We didn't have much time to taste the city because I had to leave the next morning but it was fun walking around Shinsaibashi and taking in some yummy snacks. After two years, I finally met Hide again. He was the one who help me get going with my life. If it weren't for him, I would not have met so many wonderful people, especially Satoko who was my guide for the four days I was in Kyoto/Osaka.

I always wanted to go to Kyoto and I finally made it this time. Next time I visit will be in October when I have more time and to see the Fall colours. I can hardly wait. But before that, Miike and I have to climb some mountains.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2006
Kyoto in the Rain
After delays upon delays, I finally made it to Kyoto. Spent two days in Kyoto visiting temples and shrines. Walked quite a bit. Now in Osaka at Satoko's friend's house. Will be here for two days until I leave for Shanghai on the 23rd. Short on time, I leave some pictures for you guys.

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Saturday, February 18, 2006
Off to a rocky start so far...
Plane broke down..."maintenance issues." We were stuck in TO for like six hours! On top of that the new plane that arrived to take us to Vancouver had no ground crew...more delays. And as we were about to take off, they realized none of the baggage was on the plane! hahaha... So now I'm stuck in Vancouver for the night waiting for the next flight out. Oh no, it gets better because there is no direct flight to Osaka so I will have to fly to Tokyo and then take a connecting flight to Osaka. I won't be even landing on the intended airport too when I arrive in Osaka.

Oh well, at least we are all safe. The positive of all this is I got to meet some new people--a Japanese tourguide who took me into her tour group, a baker from Osaka, and a Chinese fellow from Shenzhen. Now I'm stuck in the lobby of the hotel with my notebook. Air Canada definitely did not get better after the restructure because the last time I was delayed due to airplane problems, we got better treatment.

Hopefully, it can only get better from now on. Lates.


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Friday, February 17, 2006
Start of Da Trip
Leaving for Kyoto. See you guys soon. Gonna miss this place but I'll be back sooner than you think. Those I will visit soon in Asia, be ready for me. Hopefully I'll have some time to update when I'm in Kyoto. Thank you to all those who wished me well on my trip and those who partied with me during my last days here. If any of you plan to visit China give me a shout! And to those who plan to be in Korea or Japan, lets try to meet up there as well. Later.


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