Monday, January 16, 2006
Bye Bye
Today, I handed in my resignation letter. I felt kind of sad leaving since I've been with this company for more than five years and made many good friends--some who feel like family to me. I had good and bad times here but I would have to say the good outweighs the bad although people hearing my complaints would not think so:D My last day at work will be in two weeks. My last day in Canada will be in mid-February and I will be back within a year. Oh, I will be studying and travelling in China for a good part of the year so come visit me in Shanghai if you are in the neighbourhood. The updates to my blog will probably get more infrequent since blogger is blocked by the Chinese.

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Happy New Year!

Been way too long since my last post but at least I update once in awhile...hahaha. Anyhoo, spent New Year's eve at Chris' cottage. Thanks for the invite. Also, got my car stuck in like 30cm of snow because I was stupid enough to drive into the non-shovelled driveway. Thank you very much for the human tow truck--11 people--to pull my car out :D I've learned a few lessons from my stupidity: snow tyres don't work when the snow is deeper than your car's clearance and tow trucks will not help if the snow is deeper than 3 inches. Oh well...Happy New Year!!!
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