Thursday, December 08, 2005
Keep it real
The big German teddy bear returns to Germany today. He was such a fun guy to be with--reminds me of my co-workers when we play fight and be immature about everything.

Argh...hrmm...I'm at a lost for words to express myself. I met so many wonderful people these past few months that it saddens me greatly when I know they will be leaving very soon. The world is so small but yet so large in terms of cultures, philosophies, world outlook, and especially in my case, flight times. I will never forget them unless I'm diagnosed with senility.

A few weeks ago, the Russian comedian went back to his motherland. Another great guy. We, along with the German, had intense discussions about our history, world affairs, and our culture. Of course we had to insert some Bush-bashing in our conversation once in awhile or it wouldn't be Canadian, eh! It seems like the Europeans are more well verse with world affairs than my Asian friends. Maybe that is why I enjoyed (and will miss) our conversations. Not that my conversations with my Asian friends are dull!--just different topics.

Thank you Yoshi for introducing me to these two wonderful persons. I do not want to see the day you fly off because I think I may actually need tissue paper.

I've met many good friends in my lifetime...I am sure you know who you are. Thank you.

It's a shame all good things must come to an end...Or do they? hahaha


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