Friday, November 18, 2005
A genuine mosaic family
Beer, good food, great co-workers, and especially, no managers/VPs with sharpened knives makes a great time. We met up with many people that used to be in the original crew for a night of food and drinks, including those who have left our feeding grounds for greener pastures. It was awesome meeting them again to freely talk and be ourselves outside the confines of the State. Mike2 and Jossie brought their significant others, and Alice came with her little friend. Benny drove in with style, pimping in his 7-30-fizzive. We didn't get to the Karaoke bar nor hitting the cougars downtown so next time we definitely have to make up for it. Joe will have to belly dance to the tune of an AK-47 if I have any say in it.

The three stooges: The Smart, The Ugly, and The Violent. Three guys from different background and cultures. When we are together, all hell breaks loose. We hate each other so much that we love each other. It brings tears to my eyes when I think of how lucky I was in meeting such insane co-workers. The rest of the crew are no different; they are great people without falsehood and don't pretend to be something they are not. I love how diverse our crew is both in backgound and ethicity--Bush will definitely declare war on us, espeically the Iraqi...Come get some:D
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Monday, November 14, 2005
Oxymoronic fools.
Okay family, let's all head out to the mountain peak in our earth shredding SUV so we can admire the destructive path that we'll create...

Ever wonder about such commercials? Take an environmentally unfriendly vehicle to visit nature. I'm sure nature just love how you are tearing her up physically, destroying her atmosphere, and lest not forget everything not treehuggerish that involves oil. I most enjoy how they relate outdoor activities with *SPORT* Utility Vehicles. Yes, I really need a SUV to make my hiking or mountain biking trails wider so I will have a less chance of accidentally hitting that damn tree. It's simply wrong if I need to yell out "CAR!" when I'm in the woods! What's so Sports about SUVs?! I have no problems carrying my MTB with my car, nor the canoe, a kayak if I really need to and people?...well, like most SUVs it could carry five.

Family, I seriously do not think our puny SUV does enough damage--look at the pint-sized tracks that it made. Let's get this....


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Sunday, November 06, 2005
I started to dabble in the art of photography two years ago. Armed with my dad's old Yashica GSN we proceeded to the portlands of Toronto in the middle of the night. There we shot a cargo ship, the old coal electric power plant, other brown lands in the area and of course the Toronto skyline. The pictures totally exceeded my expectations--first timer's luck. Shortly afterwards, I picked up a Nikon F-80 so I can have a more diverse lens selection. Yes, of course I still use film. A film camera was cheaper at the time and each film has its own characteristics, the later of which I am most intersted in. I still use the Yashica today but mostly for B&W pictures. My digicam is nice and takes great photos but it lacks many functionalities of a regular film SLR. My next project is to resurrect this old '71 Polaroid Land camera. It seems like as technology advances, I refuse the trend and go back further in time. What's next, large format? :P

[There's Miike standing in the middle of Yonge St--we got quite a few stares...and the flying trucks were quite nerve whacking:D]

Once in awhile we would drive aimlessly around the GTA in the middle of the night looking for things to shoot. Sometimes we drive for hours with absolutely no destination in mind. Things we shot were big earth-moving equipments, an oil refinery, farms, dead trees, chemical plants...basically anything that had some cool lighting that would give an errie glow to our subjects. However, as the city evolves and old industrials/brown lands are turned into another condo, we are rapidly running out of places to shoot. It's a shame really. No more freezing our asses in the midst of winter, especially since most of our shots are stupidly long exposure times.

...exposure looks like one cigarette to me. Equivalent to approximately five minutes. That was how we measured exposure in the early days since the exposure in darkness were beyond the 30 seconds maximum in most cameras.
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