Saturday, September 24, 2005
Bones heals slower, flesh wounds heals slower, joints start to ache and the body starts to complain more and more. Ahhh...age. Another permanent scar on the knee, this one uglier than the one I sustained from my first 24 hours mountain bike race. This wound took much longer to heal than the others too. Knees ain't the same anymore--seems wonky these days. As Miike mentioned, we are a rotting from the inside out as age creeps up on us--gotta start being a little more careful...yah right! Where's my Guinness?! :P

My last MTB race, Autumn Epic 8 hours for Luke at Walker Woods, Walker Farm. We lost another "Derailed" member, now we are three but we did a little better than the last 8 hours: we came in fourth out of five teams in our division. First lap was horrible as the blueberry muffin for breakfast and the Guinness from the night before wanted to reverse peristalsis. But the laps after were much better and more fun. The trail was more technical than the last race with lots of switchbacks, trees and some technical climbs. I really enjoyed the race and love the hardcoreness of what's left of the team.

...retirement?! Yes, but as I promised, one more race before I hang the cranks up: The 24 Hours of Moab! in Utah.
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Friday, September 23, 2005
In an attempt to set a trend Yuta once proposed the 4-thumbs up. Looks silly and probably will never catch on but he will try to spread the trend starting with his hometown, Hiroshima. To compliment his trendsetting, I will try to "Canadianize" Japanese by converting their "ne" to "EH!" (Japanese tend to end their sentences with "ne.") Thus, "Umai, eh!" and "Oishi, eh!" was borned which means "Good, eh!"

On another note, I recently learned a new word, "Metrosexual." Wikipedia defines a metrosexual as the following: refer to an urban male of any sexual orientation who has a strong aesthetic sense and spends a great deal of time and money on his appearance and lifestyle. (Or as some would put it, a hetrosexual that acts like a homosexual.)

The opposite of Metrosexual is Retrosexual: a man with a generally poor sense of style -- not necessarily a boor; rather, someone who rejects being finicky about physical appearance.

So in response, I have invented my own word.
Lemmingsexual: A person that follows current trends, many times mindlessly and without thought. These persons will believe that by following the trend(s), they will be accepted--basically, a person who believes s/he is not a unique individual.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2005
My name is...
Due to the multicultural friends I associate with, many of my native friends have problems remembering and pronouncing non-English names. Furthermore, we talk about so and so but we can never remember the name, compounded by the fact that most times we do not have a face corresponding to the person. However, each person is associated with a story of some sorts--it could simply just be an interest or there could be a funky story behind the person in question. Thus, we have nicknames associated to them so my circle of natives would not get lost so easily. The nicks are not just of my friends but associates of other friends, ie, I may not know them myself. Some nicks are painfully obvious while others are more obscured.

The nicks we came up with are the following--obviously I will not associated the nicks with real names because some of them are somewhat rude and some I don't have the real names: Nurse, Elevator-girl, Tallship-girl, PHD-girl, Chatterbox, Lacrosse-girl, Lush, Whitedude, Snowboard-girl, Jailbait, Co-op, Roommate, Mike2, Mike with 2 "eyes", Jen5, Budgie-girl, karaoke-girl, Sal2, Kyoto-girl, Archery-girl, JD-girl (Joy Division), NYC-wife and Tank.
There are probably more but I leave it as is for now. To my readers, do you know who you are? And if you do not have a nick and would love to have one, ask us and we'll make one for you too:D
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Sunday, September 18, 2005
Happy Moon Festival!
Tonight's full moon marks the "Harvest Moon" or for me, the Moon Festival or Mid-Autumn Festival. Traditionally, we celebrate tonight by lighting lanterns and eating mooncakes! mmmmmm... Read the stories regarding the festival.

Thank you spaceweather for the moon picture.

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Inorganic Organics
Organic food products are the "in" thing nowadays. Once a niche market, it is now quite mainstream--even my mother has jumped on the bandwagon. It is awesome knowing that organic products are grown with environmental sustainability and sound practices in mind. I do believe the premium that one pay for organic products are worth it to help ameloriate our environmentally harmful farming practices. But...Ever wonder why some of these products are sold in esthetically pleasing PLASTIC containers? Lettuce in an oversized plastic container? Eggs in plastic? Ironic, eh! Sure these containers/cartons are recycleable but the last time I checked, the first "R" in the 4+ "R's" were Reduce! Plastics are some of the most harmful products in our environment; for example, it doesn't biodegrade very well; the recycling value is mediocre and; it uses petroleum to manufacture--and here we are complaining about oil/gas prices! Buying organics are great but THINK before picking up your next "environmentally friendly organic" produce.

I just can't get over the name and the cover of the cereal...hahaha:D And where is my organic toilet paper?


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Monday, September 12, 2005
Sayonara Imouto Sae-chan!
There she goes...back to Hiroshima to continue her post-secondary studies in Shiga. Goes to the same university as Daisuke which really surprised me--it's a small world, man! Did not really get to know her until a few weeks ago but after a few nights and many pints of beer, she became my little sister. Very sweet girl and not as shy as I first thought. It is probably because Yuta's outwardness was always the spotlight which overshadowed her features. Her cheeks are red not because of the alcohol, but the bright star she is. Thank you Sae for your support (you know what I'm referring to) and giving me another light in life. I will miss your dimples!


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Saturday, September 10, 2005
A new Day...
Turning a new leaf. Leave it all behind me and look into the horizon. Start a new life based on my values and beliefs. It has almost been two years since turmoil gripped my life and threw it down the gutter. It's time to walk forward...bravely. Be positive. Be confident. And most of all be Happy.

Big THANKS goes out to those who celebrated my birthday with me and to those who extended their well wishes!

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Tuesday, September 06, 2005
Apparently, there is some sort of game going on and I have been tagged by Alice. Didn't know what it meant at frist but I think I finally do...silly kids. Anyway, here is the question: What are your weird habits?
  1. I love my scotches
  2. When I go on my photography trips, hiking, biking or other random events, I bring three cameras of varying ages, including two or three lens for my SLR
  3. I stare at my ceiling and walls for hours on end
  4. I eat more junk food than real food (chocolate, chips, peanuts, jolly ranchers, cookies, etc)
  5. I talk to my fish
  6. I talk to myself
  7. Being cryptic so nobody will fully understand me
  8. I quit smoking but I love collecting pictures of characters smoking, and forcing my plush toys at work to this even a habit???
  9. I have a tendency to draw a pair of eyes on anything and everything.
  10. And I am known as "Destructor" for my uncanny skill in destroying almost everything I touch--I call it quality control.
Soooo.....I guess I'm suppose to tag my buddies now. Ok.

Miike (you will have fucked up habits, I know),
Mike2 (get off your arse and move)...
What are your weird habits?
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Medieval Guys
Now I know why the hardcore olympic wannabe archers are absent during the weekends. The weekend patrons are of a very mixed sort, ranging from the six year olds to the look-a-like thugs who have no respect for the range. People can easily get hurt by a stray arrow but some of these people just do not get the message. There were guys believing they were safe by shooting in the middle of the field far away from us. Morons. If someone do get hurt, we will lose the only public range in Toronto. One guy accidentally fired a crossbow bolt into the ground--Stupid! These guys do not appear to know what they are doing. On the positive side, I met an AS400 programmer (Gary) who had this really nice handmade long bow--a beaut! The highlight of this dude was that for his arm protector, he used a McCallum Scotch container! That amazed me to the point that I think I will make myself a Glenmorangie arm protector:D

On another note, I have progressed to shooting the 30 yard targets (from 20 yard) with random success in precision and accuracy. The new sight, plunger and stabilizer helped quite a bit. I just need to stabilize my anchor point.
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I made up for my weeks of silence, not that many cared.

It would appear that my Blog has been marked for spam. Bastards! Now I have to enable comment verification. Argh.
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Monday, September 05, 2005
Naked beach
Our farewell marathon for Sae started yesterday at the Toronto Islands. It was Sae and Sandy's first time on the island. Sandy, incidentally is Alice's golden retriever. Keiko and Mie was also part of the party that disembarked on to the islands. Four lovely ladies and me--my own harem as Sae & Yuta described it, hahaha. Actually, I felt more like a school teacher because they are puppies relatively to my age. The girls enjoyed Sandy quite a bit. I am sure Sandy enjoyed the attention and the vast playground filled with green space, people and other dogs. I also had fun with Sandy because he was one of the few dogs I encountered that does not appear to hate me;) and he is a very friendly and cute dog. Thanks Alice for bringing him.

The highlight of the trip was the Hanlan's Point Nude beach.There were many nude people on the beach--much bigger than I thought. I felt very awkward walking through the beach because it seems like we were there as a tourist (which we were!) Most of the bathers were old guys with a few females here and there. The beach main patrons are gays and lesbians. Anyway, it was quite a different scene in semi-conservative Toronto.


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I said two dudes, eh! Well, Yusuke was the second dude that recently left. Hardcore shit such as NIN, Manson, and whatever mom&pop does not want their innocent child to hear Yusuke will listen to. AH! And his girlfriend, Yuko, is just as hardcore as he is. Nevertheless, they are simply the sweetest individuals on Earth. Next time we meet, we be moshing at Kyoto's Gold Temple with vodkas in hand! Rock on!


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Sunday, September 04, 2005
Bye bye Little Brother.
Shessh, it's been almost three weeks since I updated my blog. Many things have gone past and is now history. I could say I was too busy to update my blog but I was not. Maybe I lost interest? Or I just felt that nobody really reads my blog so why should I bother? Well one thing for sure is that it helps me remember as my memory is failing at a rapid pace nowadays. All that alcohol can't be good:P At any rate, I will try to update it on a regular basis.

It has been ten weeks since I stopped smoking. Things are progressing well but I still feel that my respiratory system still has a ways to go before I fully recover. Nevertheless, it has amazed me at how far I got considering the stress and my depressive nature. Ok, Ok....I sneaked a few puffs in the last two weeks. But I had to so I can bid farewell to a couple of dudes with respect.

Yuta, who I considered as my little brother left two weeks ago. He is a psycho bitch with a deep character. Very loveable with a huge following--a cult one may say. He's back in Japan to cause havoc there. We will meet on a ski hill next time--me on a snowboard, he on skis, and soju in our hands.


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