Sunday, July 31, 2005
Hockey is Back
Day 34: I got dragged into playing hockey today by Carl who I did not see for a very long time. The smoker's lung is definitely still with me--I was coughing the wholetime. I haven't played hockey in years and it shows. I could not skate at all! My turns were horrible, I couldn't skate backwards, and I had absolutely no speed. Horrible! Horrible! Oh well, hopefully I will get in shape soon as I plan to play hockey every Friday night.

After a one year strike, NHL is back. Go Leafs Go.
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Tuesday, July 26, 2005
Day 29: I encounter different characters everytime I go to the archery range. Most notable was a couple in full camouflage gear who dropped by last week--hey, we are firing arrows into wood, not animals! Yesterday I met a dude that just started into the archery business who looks a lot like Bono and a middle-age hunter who has been hunting for 15 years. The latter set up a target of a deer to fire at (no, he was not in camouflage:) The regular attendee was a Korean girl with her dad or coach--seems like he's trying to train her for the Olympics or some sort of competition (Koreans are very good at archery as noted in last summer's Olympics.)

The most surprising vistor we encountered yesterday was a deer. How ironic a deer will be strolling by an archery range, especially in the presence of a hunter shooting at a deer poster! To me it was very surprising that we can see such a large wild animal within the city. I'm sure there is at least a family of them in the Don River parklands now. The hunter mentioned that he had seen a wolf and a fox in the vicinity as well as the typical hares/rabbits. I remember a lost moose found his way into Taylor Creek Park many years ago and had to be flown back up North. Next time we complain about animals in our backyard, remember who was here first and were pushed out of their homes. Not us.
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Sunday, July 24, 2005
My baby...
Epic 8 Hours relay mountain bike race at Hardwood Hills. We came in 16 of 17 in our category (4 person.) Not what I was hoping for but we all had a good time. Introduced two newbies into the mountain bike scene. They tried hard and did very well--I am proud of them for stepping up to the plate and did the race, unlike those pretentious posers. The object is to have fun and to discover our limits. The course was fast with many technical turns, a really fun course and short--10.5 km and done in a little less than 40 minutes (the pros did it in 30 minutes!)
'97 Trek 6500 Hardtail, Custom.
- 27 speed.
- Shimano XT front/rear derailleur
- XT Crankset
- SRAM 7.0 cassette
- XT V-brakes
- Ambrosio rims (forget the model but they are TOUGH!)
- Acor cartridge bearing hubs
- Rock Shox Indy C front suspension (The only thing original from stock which I will be replacing as soon as I come across a crackhead deal for a Z1 or something equivalent.)
- Ritchey pedals (all that it matter was the colour: red!)
- KORE elite stem and bar
...My precious.
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Wednesday, July 20, 2005
Heineken? Fuck that shit, Pabst Blue Ribbon!
Day 23. Four days to our race and I think we are ready to take on the big guns. Too bad Matt, our star rider, will not be able to make due to some previous engagements. When biking last night we were welcomed with the sunset in the West behind the trees casting an orangy glow on the near-full moon rising in the East over a field. The moon and the scene was simply beautiful--the perfect picture moment but no camera. These are the times when after the pains, the sweat, and the trek in to the woodlands make mountain biking so worthwhile.

Got sick of Heiney back in the day. Guinness is my poison now--can't beat that shit. I guess Hopper would not be overly happy with my choice of beer either:P
Blue Velvet: a weird, surreal and dark imagination.
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Wednesday, July 13, 2005
Canada, eh!
Again, Canada tends to make the headlines with some oddball facts. According to 7-11, Winnipeg consumes the most Slurpee per captia in the world. Winnipeg--or Winterpeg as some of us call it--is the coldest city in the world (with a population over 600,000.) It's just mind-boggling that the coldest city would also consume the most slurpee...hahaha.

We can now tag this in the record book with other useless facts of Canada:
- The longest street in the world (Yonge St)
- The tallest phallic symbol in the world (CN Tower)
- Coldest City in the world (Winnipeg)
- Second coldest captial in the world (Ottawa)
- The longest national highway in the world(Trans-Canada hwy)
- The longest bridge in the world(Confederation bridge connecting PEI and mainland)
- The longest coastline in the world
- The longest shared-use recreational trail in the world (Trans-Canada trail)
- The world largest mall (West Edmonton Mall) (not sure anymore)
- Over 80 percent of the world's supply of maple syrup is produced in Canada
- We consume more Kraft Dinner per capita than any other nationality on earth
- Most donut shops per capita in the world
- We use the most energy per capita in the world
- We produce the most garbage per capita in the world
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HOT enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk
Day 18: Passed the cottage hurdle. No cigarettes but I did meet mary-chan:D kekeke... Nasal cavity cleared up alot. Still eating lots of junk food; however, I have supplemented the junk food with yogurt and some fruits to try to balance with the dark side.

In other news today, we are in the middle of yet another heatwave. The temperature rose to 34C on Monday smashing the previous high set in 1949--we set a new high today as well and will probably set a new high tomorrow. It has not rain significantly in Toronto for over a month so the city has issued a water conservation warning to residents, among the multitude of warnings we are getting every day such as smog warnings, heat alerts, and power conservation pleas. No relief in sight. It has been a long time since we had such awesome(?) weather. It took the news reporter 17 minutes to fry an egg on the sidewalk.


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Monday, July 04, 2005
Crud in, Crud out.
Day 7. Still smoke-free but doing more second hand smoke instead. They say second hand smoke is worse than frist hand. Oh well...It's all gooood as long as I'm not shoving these burning rods into my mouth...or ass, right? Passed a few tests so far--Yuta cigarettes, being bored, coffee runs with Mike, Durwin's BBQ, my BBQ, drinking, etc--and so far so good. The big test will be this coming weekend at the cottage. The two days of chilling may crack me. Still eating quite a bit more than usual, especially junk food:D Body is still trying to exhaust the crud that's been in the system these past six years.
Excerpt from some dude that quit smoking: " The Effects of Physical Withdrawal: Anxiety, Anger, Irritability, Impatience and Restlessness." Hmm...5 for 5...I'm on a roll.

Blogger apparently broke something; thus, the big spaces on top. They say they'll fix it soon...haha. The thing is that the formatting is correct under Firefox/Mozilla. Time to switch over boys and girls.

Picture is from the book "The book of Bunny Suicides." Pick it up cuz it's a fun read..."Little Fluffy Rabbits Who Just Don't Want To Live Anymore"
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