Tuesday, May 31, 2005
It's a small world afterall...
Went to meet Noriko after class and bumped into Flavia outside the school. She was waiting for her boyfriend whom is in the same class as Noriko! I haven't seen Flavia for many many months and wasn't sure if she went back to Brasil or not. We caught up on shit and I will probably meet up with her this weekend for a final drink with her. She will be leaving on June 22.

My photography seems to be getting worse. I developed the pictures from the hiking trip, various pictures of Toronto in the Winter, and the fireworks. I could not find one that stood out and wowed me. Every picture was either over-exposed or suffered from bad composition. I definitely need to spend more time in composition. Maybe it is time to go back to my '73 Yashica GSN rangefinder--that camera made me think more. (Nori-P, it is Japanese:P)

On Sunday, we went to the Doors Open Toronto. We only had time to go to one place really: MEC. We took a tour of their rooftop garden. The garden helps control rain runoff, temperature in both winters and summers and it provides greenspace for wildlife. This is something I would love to do as a career--environmentally sustainable planning/development.
I recently rode my bike to check out the regeneration process at Harbourfront Queens Quay West near Spadina. It's an area that adds more greenspace to the city and tries to reintroduce native species back into the area. I am not sure how well the project is going so far but I did see a nesting swan. If only we can see more of these projects come to life, especially East of Queens Quay.
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Thursday, May 26, 2005
Never judge a book by it's cover
On the news today, they were talking about how Korean females will get plastic surgeries to improve their looks so they can get a job easier. This is sad. It is bad enough that our society base our views of a person based on their looks but to get a job? That is just vulgar, IMO. Too many times I meet foreign exchange students from Korea or Japan and they would be very concerned about their looks and especially weight. To be honest, they look perfectly fine and they are not overweight; however, back home they would be frown upon for their looks. Being raised in Canada, I may not fully understand the rational behind this but I do strongly feel that this is wrong--beauty is from the inside (in this case, their abilities.)
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Wednesday, May 25, 2005
Mirror reflection
Ontario is the #1 polluter in terms of lead emissions in North America. Many believe that Canada's environment is pristine with strong laws that protect it. This is hardly true. Canada's environmental policies are very lacking and is way behind the US. More often than not, Canadians blame our Southern neighbour for the pollution that washes up into our environment. We hardly look at ourselves for the root of the problem. This is just human nature--blame someone else for the problem first.

On another note, I had to take my dad to the hospital today because they found a tear in his retina. After many hours of waiting, he finally got his eye lasered to seal the tear. Hopefully, he will recover fully. Getting old is not fun.
The staff at the hospitals work like a dog. The eye specialist was running between two exam rooms and never stopped moving. It is obvious that they are overworked. I am very grateful for the work they do especially in such conditions. Canada's health program needs to be revamped somehow...


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Tuesday, May 24, 2005
The 2-4 weekend.
Headed off to the archery range on Saturday with Yumiko and Manami. I'm surprised that we didn't lose any more arrows--we lost one arrow. I haven't touched my bow in over five years and boy was I rusty. I definitely have to go more often.

Sunday, went over to Ben's place to throw a surpise birthday party for his girlfriend. She was really surprised and very grateful. Good one, Ben...gotta learn from you:P

We went to Rattlesnake point on Monday to do some hiking. It turned out better than I thought. It's a shame Yukiyo could not make it but Alice brought a replacement, Tanya. She's quite the talkative girl--I don't think she breaths when she talks. It was a cool day but it did not rain--it always rain on Victoria's Day. Someone in the group--Alice, Akitoshi, Noriko, Tanya, Yumiko, Yuta--brought good weather with them (definitely not Yumiko because rain clouds follows her.) The trillians were in full bloom and the vultures were circling for any unfortunate hikers that may fall off the cliffs. We also saw a lone wolf in the bushes, but it saw Alice and ran off--I never saw a wild wolf before. Unfortunately, we did not find any snakes; good thing too because Tanya was hungry for snake stew.

We came back to my house for a bbq. Yusuke and Yuko join us. This also marked the first time I marinated chicken wings--yes, a big achievement:P It was a little too salty but it tasted pretty good (Aki claims it was not salty enough.) It finally rained but for only around five minutes.
After eating, we walked down to Ashbridge's Bay for the fireworks. My first time at taking pictures of fireworks--hopefully it will turn out good. Everyone was delighted with the display but they complained it was too short.
I now have another name for Noriko, "Nori-P-chan" (Seaweed bird)
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Wednesday, May 18, 2005
Chicago and New Order
Two weeks ago Mike and I drove the 9 hours to Chicago to attend the New Order concert as they were not going to have a venue in T.O. The concert was awesome. They played much better than I thought they could. They played three tracks from their newest album, 'Waiting for the Sirens' Call' and many songs from their last album, 'Get Ready.' However, I was most interested in their older repertoire, including some Joy Division tracks. They did not disappoint me. The one song I wish they played was 'Ceremony' but nonetheless, the songs they choose was most pleasing for me. The following is the set list:

  • Love Vigilantes
  • Crystal
  • Regret
  • Hey Now What You Doing
  • Krafty
  • Transmission
  • True Faith
  • Run Wild
  • Jetstream
  • Waiting for the Sirens' Call
  • Bizarre Love Triangle
  • Love Will Tear Us Apart
  • Temptation

Encore: Atmosphere
Your Silent Face
Blue Monday

However, it was not all fine and dandy in Chicago, being the bane of all cities that Mike and I ever visited. The following highlights the issues we faced.

  • no USD on me...oops. alrite, Mike has USD.
  • Decided to head over to the Sears tower before it gets blown up. Tried to park on the street but we had no change. Tried to used credit card but the machine rejected three of our cards. Decided to put in 25cents and hope we don't get a ticket. However, we had to get back by 4pm or the car gets towed.
  • Went to pay for the Sears tower but the attendant asked for ID when I tried to pay with my VISA card. No problem, I'll just show her my driver's license. Where's my driver's license?!!! Ah shit!! I just realized right there I have been driving without a drivers license for a few weeks!! This is BAD.
  • Got our tickets and went up the tower. Stayed up in the Sears tower for 10mins taking pictures because we had to get back to the car before 4pm or it gets towed. Lucky for us no parking ticket.
  • Decided to drive to the theatre and just find a bar to stay for the reminder of the day hoping not to run into more troubles.
  • $20 parking...argh. Parked the car anyways because we figure a parking lot would be safe. Parked the car and as soon as we were about to jump out, a homeless lady decided to take her pants down, leaned her checks against the passenger car door and took a piss. FUCK! All this while we were in the car! WTF?!!!
  • Walked around looking for a clean-looking bar because most bars looks dingy and dirty. Found one. We step in to find ourselves in a gay bar. haha. Nevertheless, we stayed for drinks and food. The menu consisted of the "Double-fisted hamburger" and the "Doggie-style beer."
  • After the concert, we decided to leave Chicago as quickly as possible to avoid more problems. Almost rear ended a truck going at 120 Km/hr because I fell asleep behind the wheel. Mike: "What the FUCK!!" I woke up to see many bright red lights. oops..I misjudged.
  • Got back to T.O. Got my temp license. Went to a car wash. Sunoco (gas station) rejected my Visa...huh? ah shit, they probably disabled my VISA card for some reason!! The fun never ends.
  • All this in less than 36 hours...wow. Most people will experience this kind of stuff in a year or possibly even a lifetime, but we are special:D
  • Last Friday, I tried using the same credit card to pay for Sam's birthday present. "Call for authorization." hmm...it was disabled afterall...hahaha. The lady asked for my bday, address and name...and asked if I was using the card at gas stations on May 2nd in the US. 'Yes, I was." All cleared now! I can use the card again.

The last time we went (1995) we almost got killed three times over. Ten years later, this! ugh....I am never going back to Chicago again.

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Monday, May 16, 2005
Toronto weather seems to be very bitchy nowadays. Rain on the weekends and sun on the weekdays is a piss off. I propose that we switch our weekends around...have it during the weekdays so the "weekends" will be sunny. Mother Nature will probably catch on though so maybe random "weekends" may be in order.

Mondays sucks. Got in trouble again at work for something I did correctly. Seems like a broken record sometimes in my company. Oh well, that's just life in the stupid corporate fish-eat-fish world. This place is notorious for stupidity.

Rode my bike to vent off my frustrations at work. Dropped by to watch my friend practice lacrosse. She looked lost in the field; however, she is a good player.

Met a good friend of mine for tea that night to catch up on shit. She told me about things that happened to her in one of her relationships...something horrible which I'm not privy to say. How can a guy do that to her? I wish I could help in some way...any thing to console her. Good thing is that it is over and she is okay but I can see the scars may remain with her for a long time.

Still trying to embed the stupid guestbook into my gallery. Got closer this time but still doesn't work. Argh...I'm about to break out the warhammer.
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Saturday, May 14, 2005
A blog
My first attempt at a blog...let see how it goes.

Today I saw Sam, a Korean exchange student, off at the airport. Met the dude over a year ago and became very good friends. Gonna miss the guy--those drinking and smoking nights was unforgettable...or sometimes forgettable. However, I hope to meet up with him in Seoul or HK next year.

We decided to try our luck at getting last minute tickets to the Rock's final game. Lady Luck was unfortunately not with us, so instead we went to a bar to watch the game. Everybody was disappointed, especially Yukiyo. Anyway, the Rock won and a relatively small celebration ensued outside.

Went home for dinner. Dad cooked up some live shrimps. So juicy and tasty. Played with my niece a bit and then past out. Mike called and said something about heading down for Timmy Ho's. I do not recall that conversation.

Finished uploading the pictures from our hiking trip and Sam's farewell/birthday party. Now to upload the much delayed pictures of my scans.


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